Hello World 👋

Hello World!

First of all, Thanks to Hashnode for this amazing community.


I am Jatin Rao and starting this blog to establish my web presence on the holy Internet. I always wanted to have a blog to share what I learned and I'm not going to blog about random stuff that pops into my brain. Instead, I'll be blogging around topics like Web Development & Python Programming. So, Just Cheer!

Goals for 2020

  1. Learn the Basics of Web Development 😁
  2. Have some cool Projects in my Bag 😎
  3. Write 20+ Blogs 😅
  4. Build honest connections with other Devs 😉
  5. Make Super Online Presence 😜

You can also find me here 🦄

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I hope we can improve together

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Hey Jatin! Welcome to Hashnode. Hope you are having fun!